Need to get rid of Bald Faced Hornets?

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What are Bald Faced Hornets?

Bald Faced Hornets are wasps. Their hives can contain 400-700 workers. Bald Faced Hornets can grow to ¾ inch long. They are easy to identify because their bodies are black and white with smoky wings.

They build a hanging paper nest. Their nests are made by chewing up strips of wood and mixing it with their saliva. This wood can consist of bits of fences, wooden decks, siding and so on – thus their hives can have beautiful striped coloration.

Worker bald faced hornets are aggressive about defending their homes and will sting invaders. Having said that, we consider the bald faced hornet the “B-52 bombers” of the wasp family, they’re less aggressive and fly slower compared to the Yellow Jacket Wasp.

Where do Bald Faced Hornets like to live?

A large paper hive and or seeing the hornets indicate that you have a bald faced hornet issue. The occasional forager is not a concern, but if you see their hive or notice consistent activity all day long at one location, you should consider having the hive removed.

If you have an issue with bald faced hornets and want additional information, please call our office for prevention and treatment options.