Need to get rid of Box Elder Bugs?

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What is a Box Elder Bug?

Box elder bugs are not a structural pest. Their numbers can build up in your attic, on your siding
and sometimes inside of your home. They do not bite. They’re considered a nuisance pest.

Their coloring is black, gray, red and orange. Control of box elder bugs is difficult. The best time to treat is when they are out in numbers on your siding. They emerge in the spring from hibernating under your siding or in your attics and will return to those areas in the fall. Both times are good times to treat. Box Elder Bugs usually require multiple treatments. They like box elder trees, maples, ashes, cedar, and fir trees.

Prevention for Box Elder Bugs

To prevent Box Elder Bugs you must seal cracks and crevices which could allow these pests access to your home. This list includes any tiny access point. Box Elder Bugs can squeeze through very small spaces.

Weather strip your windows and doors, caulk around window sills and siding, paying special attention to the eves of your roof where the rafter tails extend out at the vents and the bird blocks. Sealing out the Box Elder Bug is the most effective way of dealing with them. On the interior, you can vacuum the bugs.

If you have an issue with box elder bugs and want additional information, please call our office for prevention and treatment options.