Need to get rid of Cigarette Beetles?

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What is a Cigarette Beetle?

Cigarette Beetle’s infest dried vegetable materials including tobacco where it is stored. Cigarette Beetles can also infest books and cause damage to the binding. Furniture upholstered with flax or straw can also be infested by this beetle. They are also attracted to dog food and other stored products.

The adults can fly. They are small, squat bugs that are 1/8 inch in length. Their wing covers are smooth, shiny and reddish-brown. It resembles the drug store beetle, but is lighter in color and does not have the lines on its wings covers. The antennae are serrated; the drugstore beetle antennae end in a three-segmented club.

How to get rid of Cigarette Beetles?

The first line of defense with the cigarette beetle is to find the source of the infestation. Focus on finding and discarding infested materials. Check spices, pet food, old stuffed toys and old rodent bait. Cleaning/sanitation of areas where an infestation is found goes a long way toward eradication.

If you have an issue with cigarette beetles please call our office for prevention and treatment options.