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What is a Pest Ant?

Pest ants are around a 1/16th -1/8 of an inch. They’re brown to black, with 3 segmented bodies, 6 legs, and 2 elbowed antennae. Pest ants like to live in the dirt and come into our houses as the weather warms up or when too much rain forces them out of the soil.

Most recently in the NW pest ants have become an almost year-round problem. Their entry into
our homes can seem random, but most commonly they’re found in the kitchen, bathroom and doorways but can enter almost any room & like to nest in wall voids. Pest ants are not structural pests, meaning they do not damage our homes. It is typical to see the winged reproductive form of this ant (Swarmers) in early spring when the temperatures rise.

How to get rid of Pest Ants?

Preventative measures are keeping decaying leaf and plant material from the flowerbeds. Provide 8” clearance from grade level to the siding. Trim back trees and shrubbery. Rinse out pop cans and store in a container with a lid or in a plastic bag. Keep kitchen and bathroom sinks dry and dishes put away. Don’t leave pet food and water bowls out. This really attracts ants. Keep garbage areas clean.

If you have an issue with pest ants and want additional information, please call our office for prevention and treatment options.