For more than 30 years, commercial property owners throughout the greater Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, metro areas have relied on The Bug Man for all their pest control-related needs.

Commercial Property Infestations

Our pest control services are extremely effective for a variety of commercial businesses, including but certainly not limited to:

Here’s the ugly truth: With commercial infestations, if you see a pest, you’ve probably got a problem.


The Bug Man’s Commerical Property Pest Control Pledge

We will investigate and address pests at your commercial property while taking the utmost care to preserve the environment.

One of the biggest problems an infestation can pose to commercial properties is the time lost during pest-control treatment. That’s why we promise to get in and out as quickly — and efficiently — as possible.

Our approach to integrated pest management includes strategies that focus on the long-term prevention of pests through the use of products designed to pose the least harm to the environment. If there’s a non-product solution to solving a commercial property pest control problem, we’ll be sure to use it.

Most issues can be dealt with during business hours, but The Bug Man can schedule work to be performed during off-hours, if necessary. We will work with you to find the best time for you and your business.


We use Environmental Protection Agency-certified products and offer free phone estimates for every job.

We pledge to bring a unique approach to each and every commercial building we treat, because every infestation is different, and sometimes it’s difficult to know what to expect.

What you can expect from us, however, is prompt, professional service and a treatment plan that places as little stress as possible on your employees and your business operations.


All of the technicians at The Bug Man are state licensed and receive continuing education and training in order to keep up with the latest advancements in pest control technology and procedures. Your technician will help you make the right decision for your commercial property, including the establishment, if necessary, of monthly, quarterly, biannual, or annual service.

Many of The Bug Man’s customers choose recurring prevention services; this provides some peace of mind knowing that any potential pest problems are being addressed before they even have a chance to occur. It takes regular, routine pest control to keep infestations away, after all, especially for large commercial properties.

For those of you in the food storage and distribution industry, The Bug Man meets audit requirements for the American Institute of Baking, Cook and Thurber (quality safety audits for food, beverage and packaging industries), and Transportation Worker Identification Credential.

Furthermore, our pest control techs are required to be licensed through the Department of Agriculture.

The Bug Man team is licensed, bonded and insured, and we can provide free estimates over the phone as well as onsite evaluations.

If you think you have a commercial pest problem, it’s best to get it checked out sooner rather than later. Call The Bug Man at 503-284-6269 or schedule a service request online.

Commercial Pest Control FAQ

What type of bed bug control do you offer?

We offer complete bed bug services, treating all affected areas. Contact our office for preparation information as well as inspection & treatment options.

How long does the bed bug treatment last?

Bed bug treatments depend on the severity of the infestation, as some circumstances require multiple treatments. Our treatments are effective so long as the bed bugs are not reintroduced.

A renter found a roach (ants, mouse, etc.) in her apartment. Does this mean every unit needs to be treated?

No. One pest is inconvenient, but not worthy of an entire treatment. That said, often times a pest sighting is indicative of a nest being nearby. If that renter has repeated sightings, then he/she should contact The Bug Man.

What types of businesses use your services?

We service all types business with pest control issues.

What do you know about the special needs of my business?

We are knowledgeable about many pest control issues, so whether your need is general or specific then we can usually solve it or keep it under control. We have been trained to handle a variety of situations and have years of experience behind us.

Can’t I have one of my staff take care of this, or the handyman? Why should I hire a professional pest control company?

Some minor issues probably can be handled by your staff or a handyman. Other issues, like carpenter ants, termites, roaches, rodents (the list goes on), are more difficult to handle. In these cases, a professional pest control company should be consulted.

The last pest control company did a treatment, but the pests came back. Why?

Pest control products are made to break down. This is good for the environment, but makes it difficult to control certain pest problems over time. It’s not unusual for issues to be resolved for sometime and then reoccur down the road. Some circumstances call for on-going routine pest control service.

If I don’t treat the pest problem, what can I expect?

If a pest problem is untreated, it will not only persist but could also get worse.

When will I see results?

This depends on the pest involved or the scale of the infestation. Most circumstances take time to solve. Most infestations differ, so this can be discussed when you book an appointment with The Bug Man.

How long does the treatment last?

Again, this depends on the specific pest being treated. It can range from 30 minutes to several hours.

How many treatments do you need to do?

This is pest specific, and will vary for what we’re treating.

What types of pests are most common in this area? In businesses like mine?

Pest ants and rodents are the most popular – then there’s a variety of other issues like moles, roaches, silver fish and carpenter ants. The Pacific Northwest has many pests…the list goes on.

What do you use to treat the problem?

We have a variety of products and they are specific to the pest issue. We utilize Integrated Pest Management techniques which address environmental changes, building out, blocking off and so on. Contact our office for specifics related to our treatments.

Do you use bait or sprays or both?

We use both. The choice depends on the specific pest issue. We have a variety of options and will use the product that works best for your situation.

How did these pests get into my property in the first place?

Some pests come in directly from the outdoors, some attach themselves to cardboard boxes or other items brought in to the work environment from the outside. Ants come from the exterior and come into work spaces through cracks and crevices. There isn’t a single answer though as pests enter through many different ways.

How can I prevent them from coming back?

It is important to recycle all card board materials and other paper products. Take out garbage on a routine basis. Make sure that doors and windows are sealed properly, vent screens are tight in both the attic and crawl space areas. Moisture issues attract a variety of pests and should also be addressed.

Do a few bugs or others signs of pests need to be treated? At what point does it make sense to get a treatment?

When the numbers build to a point that you notice them, it’s time to get treatment. Same goes if you are bothered by a specific pest, like any yellow jacket or wasp activity. For example, one or two ants is not a reason to panic, but seeing lines of ants or ones in different places is a reason to consult a professional.

The pests are here in the building. Why are you working on the exterior?

They usually enter from the exterior, so we start with the source of the infestation.

Will your treatment affect my workers? My equipment? My landscaping?

No. Our treatment causes no disruption to your health, machinery or property.

What after-effects should I expect from the treatment?

You could find dead ants for a period of time, if that was your infestation problem. Otherwise our goal is to control your specific issues without leaving any trace of the infestation or its treatment.

Can we work in the building while you do the treatment?

Sometimes we do ask you to leave for a period of time. Other times you do not have to leave. This is all specific to the site and pest.

When do you schedule your visits?

Usually Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. For after-hour requests, we will work with you to find the best time.

How do you calculate your price?

This is pest specific. We can give you a bid for your specific situation.

What payment methods do you take? Can you invoice me?

We take cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card. We can invoice you.

Why do you recommend preventive pest control?

Some pest control issues are habitual, and due to our climate or the environment you live in. Preventive pest control might be necessary for recurring issues.

What type of training do your technicians have?

All Pest Control Technician are required to be licensed through the Agriculture Department and must take continuing education classes to maintain their license. We also provide in house training for our Technicians.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?


Do you offer a guarantee?

That depends on the specific pest issue. Call our office for more information.

Our Dedication to the Enviroment

Our objective is to leave little or no impact on the environment. If there is a non-product approach that we can use to solve a particular problem we do so. This concept is called Integrated Pest Management or IPM. IPM is the ecosystem-based strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests through a combination of practices such as biological control, habitat manipulation, and modification of cultural practices and the use of resistant varieties.

In our community we see a variety of pest problems.

The primary pest issues which customers contact us about are listed on our Bug Library page.

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