We work with government buildings throughout the greater Portland, Vancouver, and Southwest Washington areas to protect them from pest infestations. This isn’t just for government offices, but also properties like public housing and state buildings. Our technicians use methods that are environmentally-friendly and designed to limit your office and building downtime as much as possible.

In Portland and Vancouver, we serve Government Buildings by eliminating infestations such as:

Importance of quick pest control services for Government Buildings

We always urge those in government buildings to seek immediate service when facing an infestation. These are buildings that see plenty of foot traffic. When there are pests like mice and rats—which have the potential to carry diseases and bacteria—this could easily spread to people who enter, who can then bring it into the outside world.

Beyond health concerns, there’s also the potential for structural damage, such as that caused by rodents and termites. If you detect any infestation at all, we suggest bringing in a pest control technician as soon as possible.

Why Bug Man?

Public and government buildings have strict regulations and health codes to uphold, and these can be compromised during treatment if the technician isn’t careful. We are experienced with guidelines from government buildings and can work within them to eliminate infestations while staying in your building’s compliance.

We also follow Integrated Pest Management Guidelines, a specialized plan to solve pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment. Inspections, monitoring and cultural modifications are some of the methods utilized.

Serving the Portland, OR and Southwest Washington area for 30 years

We bring a unique approach to every building we treat, because every infestation is different. What you can expect from us is prompt, professional service and treatment that places as little stress to your operations as possible.

Our team is licensed, bonded and insured, and can provide free estimates over the phone or on-site evaluations.

If your government building has an infestation, call The Bug Man at +1 (503) 284-6269 or schedule a service request online.

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