After a hard day of work, the last thing you want to see is a few cockroaches scuttling around the kitchen or evidence of mouse activity. Not only do they make us uncomfortable, but it can also cause health issues for ourselves and our families. Our home should not cause us stress – it should be a place to feel safe.

It’s bad enough seeing a trail of sugar ants marching across the countertop in our kitchen. But it can be even worse if the ant army does the same thing at your retail business. Not only does it creep everyone out, but it may just cost you sales, too. If not treated, pests could become a growing concern for you and even next-door businesses.

Once the neighbors get involved, it can become an even more expensive proposition for you to take care of if the buggers are coming from your storefront. You could be providing commercial pest control for the whole business park. At the first sign of pest infestation, call The Bug Man.

Potential Health Risks

Retail Pest Control for cockroaches in Portland ORRetail spaces, commercial buildings, business parks, and other shopping facilities bring a lot of people to work, window shop, or enjoy a meal. This means a lot of garbage and food that is thrown away. Both of which are very attractive to bugs, rodents, and other types of pests.

Flies, rats, and mice can carry diseases from the back alleys and sewers to your display cases, food prep stations, and restrooms. Small kitchens for employees complete with snacks and other foods are a strong pull. Open doors from the front of the business and back doors left open for deliveries are huge welcome signs for these unwanted guests.

Soon, these annoyances become something more troublesome. It’s true that retail stores selling shoes or smartphones or other non-perishable items aren’t necessarily attractive to pests. However, they do provide shelter during the very cold or very warm months. And the wrong kind of pest can still make a mess out of your inventory.

Larger Facilities, Bigger Problems?

Commercial properties can range from small business parks to big shopping malls. If these facilities are built near undeveloped land, chances are four-, six-, and 8-legged critters will be checking it out. The bigger the building, the harder it is to track down an infestation.

As a property manager, you may not even know you have a problem until it’s too late. Pest problems like this don’t happen overnight. Colonies, hives, and other groups take time to amass. Once they’ve gained a foothold, it becomes more difficult to control and prevent the problems.

Experienced Professionals

The Bug Man has more than 30 years of experience in rodent control and controlling pests in manufacturing plants, retail stores, and other large facilities. Most of us only think about residential pest control services, but pest infestations have cost companies nearly $30 billion dollars worldwide in operating expenses as well as lost revenue.

the-bug-man-pest-control-truck-portland-orThe best way to keep those costs down is to first control the infestation and then take steps to preventing pest issues in the future. The Bug Man takes a holistic view when creating our pest control solutions because there is no one way to handle every situation.

We go beyond dealing with the pests – we want to make sure your business stays pest-free for the long haul. We’ll walk both the interior and exterior of the building, find areas where the pests gained entry, and make recommendations. This could mean closing doors, investing in building upgrades, or as simple as keeping the employee kitchen cleaner.

Even though we are a pest control company, it’s not our desire to kill every creepy-crawly we see. That’s why we investigate the entire situation before devising or executing a plan. The Bug Man uses EPA-certified products.

When we’re done, your store will be back up and running almost immediately. Our methods will keep you, your employees, and your customers safe and our recommendations will lessen the chances of infestations. Along with offering maintenance services, The Bug Man will help you keep your business pest-free. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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