For more than 30 years, The Bug Man has been working with both residential and commercial customers in Gresham, OR, to control all manners of pests. From carpenter ants in the kitchen to mice in the machinery, we’ve developed plans to deal with 4-, 6-, 8-legged, and more-legged annoyances.

All of the things that make Gresham so attractive to us, such as mild weather and plenty of green landscaping, also attract creepy crawlies of all sorts. But because of our years of experience in the great Pacific Northwest, we understand how these pests operate and how they invade our space.

A Personalized Approach

When working with a client, we take the time to understand what the problem is, what specific insect we’re dealing with, and how to best address the situation. It’s what sets The Bug Man apart from many of our local and national competitors. Instead of treating an entire area with the same product, our solutions are specific to the situation.

We do this for several reasons, but mostly to be more efficient with our pest control processes. This is especially important for when insects begin to develop a resistance to a product – we’re able to pinpoint what has been used in the past and course correct.

That’s why we prefer to get a specimen before creating any pest-control plan. Once we have that information, we’re able to streamline our approach to maximum effect. If you’re having problems with carpenter ants, why use a product that’s also designed for spiders?

Gresham OR Preventative Maintenance

Once we’re finished taking care of the problem, we offer recommendations on how to keep the bugs at bay. This could mean steps taken inside the home, the exterior of the home, and scheduling ongoing service. The Bug Man has seen almost everything during the last 30 years, and we pass that information on to you.

In many cases, it might just be a different way to feed your pets. Instead of putting out a week’s worth of food for Fido, just put out daily feedings or even on a meal by meal basis. This removes morsels mice could be attracted to.

Or, instead of leaving a big bag of dog food on the ground that mice can chew through, empty the contents into a plastic or metal kitchen-sized garbage can with a lid. Steps like these will remove a food source for the mice, potentially sending them out of the home to look for food.

Effective pest control on the outside of your Gresham OR home might include pruning trees that extended out over the roof, trimming bushes away from the sides of the home, or pointing out gaps or openings along the foundation. By eliminating entry points, pest invasions can be greatly reduced.

Are you looking for pest control in the Gresham, OR, area? Call The Bug Man today. We’ve been working with your neighbors for more than 30 years and are ready to work with you.

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