It’s never a pretty sight to see a bunch of ants marching across your countertops or finding evidence of mice in the pantry. While store-bought traps could address the immediate concern, they might just be a short-term solution. In some cases, the pest problem may need more intense scrutiny.

We realize not every pest problem is the same. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, The Bug Man performs a complete inspection of your residence or business inside and out. This way we have a more complete understanding of the problem and can design a pest control plan for your specific problem.

Can the pest problem in your Happy Valley home be solved simply by putting dry dog food in a pest-proof container? Or will we have to use baits or traps to combat the problem? We won’t know until we’ve done a complete workup of your home.

Environmentally Safe

The Pacific Northwest is a gorgeous place to live, and The Bug Man wants to keep it that way. Our pest control products have been certified safe by the Environmental Protection Agency and our technicians are routinely trained and educated on the latest techniques and technologies in the pest control field.

Our solutions are safe for family pets, too. Many of these measures consist of changes to the environment in and around the house or cleaning recommendations to keep pests in check. In the event we use baits or traps we make sure that they are placed in safe areas that members of the family are aware of.

Happy Valley, OR, Experience

The Bug Man has been working in pest control for more than three decades in the Happy Valley, OR, area. We are familiar with the hundreds of different bugs found in the Pacific Northwest and have developed control measures for each and every one of them. In addition to insects, we also have established plans for rodent and other pest infestations.

We’ve taken the time to understand what the pests are looking for, what time of year they are most active, and the appropriate time to act. In addition to responding to situations as they happen, we also offer monthly, quarterly, or annual maintenance for your home. This allows us to address insect invasions before they happen.

Discover a cluster of creepy crawlies or a floor full of flies in your Happy Valley, OR, home? Contact The Bug Man today. Our experienced technicians will diagnose and develop a pest-control plan specific to your situation.

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