Fall, winter, spring, summer; all seasons are pest season in the Pacific Northwest. From spider season to winter burrowing months for rodents, your home is under constant attack from crafty critters of all types and sizes. When it comes to protecting your house from the outside world, here are a few simple home pest control tips you can do to protect your family from insects and rodents.

Home pest control tips

Making sure to cover any open areas or cracks with screens is important for pest control in the Vancouver WA area, as many insects and pests find their way inside homes through small, nearly unnoticeable openings. Installing screens in low traffic areas of the home, such as the attic, crawl space and the basement, can prevent insects from nesting in these areas, and save you time and money getting rid of pests.

Be aware of areas prone to moisture

In addition, it’s important to take a close look at areas out of reach from humans, such as roof vents and around chimneys, as many pests make their way into the home through these less-protected areas. Keeping attics, crawl spaces and basements dry and properly ventilated can also help prevent insects from moving in. Because pests love to live in moist, enclosed environments, any opportunity you have to air out the darker corners of your home should be taken. By making these less-trafficked areas of the home better protected against invaders, you can save yourself from costly exterminator fees down the road.

Scrub those surfaces

Another common home pest control fix is to keep surfaces in your kitchen as clean as possible. Sugar and crumb deposits can invite rodents, ants, beetles and flies. And these insects, in turn, attract spiders. Cleaning surfaces so they’re free of foodstuffs, especially in the summer months, is key in helping to prevent infestations. Making sure any firewood is stacked away from the walls of your home can also help keep out unwanted visitors, as wood piles are common living places of all kinds of animals. These areas can invite insects and rodents into your home, and make it much harder to detect where they have made their nest until the infestation has already set in.

Call in the experts

Finally, getting your home professionally pest-proofed can help prevent further infestation problems. Highly trained exterminators are well equipped to keep pests from your homes, and can point out areas of high risk, so you can spend less time chasing bugs out of your home and more time enjoying the great indoors pest-free.

Home pest control Vancouver, WA

If you are looking for a pest prevention plan in Vancouver, WA, look no further than The Bug Man. Proudly serving clients in the Pacific Northwest, The Bug Man has seen it all. For home pest control and information on what to do if you find an infestation, contact us today.

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