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Summer is the perfect time to be outdoors soaking up the sunshine. Unfortunately, this is the same time of year that you will run into those little unwanted guests: bees, wasps, and hornets. It’s common to get bees confused with yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets. Also, when people get stung, they often use the term “bee sting” when it may not even be an actual “bee” at all.

Paper Wasps and Hornets.

These creatures are social and form colonies above the ground, creating aerial nests. They are helpful in controlling garden pests, but these little guys can be aggressive and can cause painful stings. They aren’t scavengers like yellow jackets are, so you likely won’t see them as much at your family picnics or other activities outside.


Honeybees are amazing creatures that nest in cavities, like beekeeper’s boxes or hollowed out tree trunks. Most varieties are gentle, and only sting if they are swatted or stepped on. They only use their stinger as a last resort to protect the colony that they are a part of, and once they use the stinger, the sac of venom is ripped from the body and the bee dies. Honeybees are usually out seeking flowers for nectar and pollen, and likely won’t chase you, only defending their nest within the immediate area.


These insects are easily distinguished from other bees, yellow jackets, and hornets because they are so large. These bees nest underground and their colonies are usually only made up of 100 bees or so, which is a big contrast from yellow jackets that live in colonies of thousands. A bumble bee can sting multiple times and will chase after colony invaders more than a honeybee will.

How can you avoid getting stung?

It is never fun to get stung by an insect, so here are some helpful tips on how to avoid it:

  • Don’t swat at the insect that is bothering you. If they land on you, don’t be alarmed. Instead, gently brush them off of you and walk away.
  • If you are wearing a lot of perfume, cologne, lotion, or scented hair products, you should be aware that insects may be attracted to this. So, if you’re planning on being outside for a long period of time, plan accordingly and use less scents on your body.
  • When you’re having a picnic or barbecue, keep the food and garbage cans covered as much as possible, as well as sugary sodas or drinks.

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