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What are Red Tail Bumblebees?

The Red Tail Bumblebees are a common bumblebee that emerges in early spring and feeds on flowers. They are furry/fuzzy like bumblebees with black and yellow bands and have a red rear end.

These are social insects like honey bees and bumblebees with a queen that emerges from hibernation in spring and starts a new colony by laying a few eggs that hatch as workers. These workers tend the nest. Males emerge later and mate with the new females. Their job is to protect the queen. Both the males and old queen die in the autumn.

The new queens hibernate. Bumblebees are important pollinators. However, the red tailed bumblebees are very protective of their nest or hive. They like to live in bird houses. If they are located in an out of the way area you could choose to leave them alone. However, if their home is in a high traffic area that could be disturbed, these bumblebees are very aggressive and could sting unsuspecting passersby. In this scenario, you might choose to have them removed. These bumblebee hives cannot be relocated.

If you have an issue with red tail bumblebees and want additional information, please call our office for prevention and treatment options.

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