Some people think of bugs and it brings their heart rate up to an anxious level. While some bugs are pests are not welcome guests in your home, if you look around outside in the wild, you will see that Oregon has some fascinating bugs. Here are some of the Pacific Northwest’s most unique bugs.

Red-legged grasshopper

This grasshopper is quite the specimen and is often used as the model organism in scientific studies. They are medium-sized and range in length from 1.7 to 3 centimeters. Their backs are reddish-brown, and they have a greenish-yellow undercarriage, with red legs. They can be considered pests of gardens and agricultural crops, especially when found near grains such as wheat, barley, and soybeans. They also feed on grass, as well as the leaves and flowers of garden plants.

Brown marmorated stink bugs

These voracious eaters pack a big stink and are relatively new to our area, only arriving here about 15 years ago. They are a pain for farmers, as they feed on a variety of different crops like hazelnuts, tree fruits, and vegetables. For homeowners, they can become a real problem, especially feeding in backyard gardens where fruits and vegetables are growing.

Cherry sawfly

If you are growing cherry trees, this Oregon bug is one you will want to watch out for! This pesky bug is also known as a cherry slug. It looks like a glossy black wasp that looks like a slug when it’s in the larval stage.

It will attack your beautiful and young cherry trees, feeding on the tops of leaves. They are prevalent in August and September and if really infested, the tree could become skeletonized with significant leaf drop. Look for slug-like larvae during these months when large populations can start forming.

These bugs are just the beginning of the plethora of insects that live in our area. Want to learn more about the bugs that make their home in the Pacific Northwest? Unique insects like bald-faced hornets and powder post beetles are just some of the creepy crawlies that you will find in our comprehensive online library of bugs!

Not sure which pests are making their way into your home or garden this season? If you need help getting them eliminated, The Bug Man can help! We have been getting rid of pesky insects and pests for homeowners in the area for three decades, so contact us today!

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