Time passes, things change — not just in the natural world around us but in the world of ideas. One thing that often changes is language, especially when it’s specific to a certain industry.

At The Bug Man, we’ve been thinking of ways that our industry’s language has adapted to better describe the work we do and the processes we implement to control pests.

Case in point: Pest control versus exterminator. What’s the difference?

Pest Control Versus Exterminator

At first glance, it might seem there is no difference between these two terms, or not enough of a difference to really matter. On some levels, this is correct. Google pest control Portland or exterminator Vancouver (or exterminator Portland and pest control Vancouver, for that matter) and you’ll likely come across the same search results.

From the outside — in this case, from the perspective of someone just looking for help with a pest control problem — the nomenclature isn’t that important.

But within the industry, it makes a great deal of difference.

As we wrote in “What’s It Like To Be A Portland Exterminator?”, it’s important to recognize that “there’s much more to the job than simple extermination — a term that’s increasingly out of fashion.”

To call someone an exterminator conjures up images of tanks filled with pesticides and other harmful chemicals and an anonymous worker pumping the stuff into cracks, crevices and floorboards and calling it good. That’s often how it works, unfortunately.

But that’s a shortsighted and limited way of addressing pest control. It may have been acceptable in the past, but the industry is a lot more sophisticated now than it used to be.

Pest Control Services for Portland and Vancouver

The Bug Man provides pest control services that not only address problem pests but help prevent infestations from happening in the first place.

Some exterminators aren’t qualified to handle pest control solutions. In fact, an expert witness in pest control cases said many of them “don’t have the necessary experience to size up and solve your problem.”

That’s not the case at The Bug Man, where our state-licensed pest control experts partake in continuing education programs to keep them at the forefront of industry trends and best practices.

Furthermore, according to a recent report by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “U.S. expenditures at the user level for conventional pesticides totaled nearly $14 billion in 2012.” This includes “herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fumigants, sulfur and oils, and other pesticides.”

That’s a lot of chemical content being spread around — and it’s here that The Bug Man’s pest control approach is most clearly differentiated from extermination.

At The Bug Man, we use the latest and most advanced pest-control processes and techniques that get the job done while taking care to protect and preserve the environment using EPA-certified products.

That’s been our pledge for the last three decades as we’ve provided top-notch and environmentally sound pest control services to Portland and Vancouver residents.

Contact The Bug Man today to schedule service or to ask any questions.

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